Friday, May 26, 2017

So, about last night...

Sigmund Freud said every dream is a wish.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Did you read about "Rainbow Girl" and the real rainbow girls?

If you did, great. If you didn't, hit the link to or scroll down one story, or no problem. If you want, here's the song.

So, after puncturing the proverbial vein and letting it bleed (old writers' line), bloodletting too much, maybe, I came upon this card, well wishes from Maine friends Jim and Judy Marine.

Got it in the mail last week. Read it when I needed it, put it away, moved on. But that ol' subconscious, boy, I tell ya...note the crossed out I, changed to "we."

Who knows.

I do know this: I heard "Rainbow Girl." I literally felt the rain. I figuratively grinned at the girls.

But maybe Freud isn't forever. Cause it wasn't a dream, and just a wisp of a wish.

And I can promise you one thing:

"The song remembers when."

And, somehow, rainbow girl, I thought of you.

Have a good Decoration Day weekend. Think about what it memorializes, too, please.

Be safe, and I'll see ya when I see ya. 

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