Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This and that

Here's some random thoughts and a prayer at mid-week:

Today at 1:23 p.m., we'll have the rare opportunity to say that the time and date is 1:23 4/5/06. I don't know why that's so cool, but it is.

Whoever said it never rains in Southern California is full of... well, you know. It looked like the Atlanta Braves needed Noah's Ark to navigate out to Chavez Ravine for their game against the Dodgers last night. The game started on time (and in time for John Smoltz to serve up four runs in the first), but was soon halted because of, what? Rain in Southern California!

Pete Van Wieren and Don Sutton said on the Turner South telecast last night that it rarely happens. There have only been something like 16 rainouts in the 40-something years the Dodgers have played in the City of Angels.

"Most of them have come in April," the normally sharp Van Wieren said.

What a shock. Guess it really is true what they say about April showers.

By the time play resumed, I was nodding off during pitches, so I gave up and headed for bed. The morning box score says that the Braves scored four, but couldn't overcome Smoltz' bad first inning.

Should have remembered the last line of that stupid song: "It never rains in California/But girl let me warn you/It pours/Man, it pours."

The state of Tennessee was hit with several tornadoes Sunday night during a series of intense electrical storms. Several are dead and Gov. Phil Bredesen has asked President Bush for help. Our thoughts and prayers are with our "cousins" in West Tennessee this week.


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