Sunday, May 28, 2006

A passing moment, but one made to last

As the sun set amid a glow of red and pink hues tonight, I drove home thinking on how happy I am.

Happy to be alive, happy to be here in God's country, happy to be associated with wonderful people, happy to be earning a living with words and ink.

It's funny, sometimes you get to thinking you are all alone in this world. Then, boom, you are reminded that is far from true. Isn't it ironic that so much can go so right after you learn to let go.

I watched a couple of squirrels dance from tree to tree in Sevierville tonight. "Oh, to be that free," a friend commented.

Guess what? I'm already there.

Every day is a new experience. Every turn in the road holds the promise of a new discovery or a new story. Every sunset is another reminder of all that is beautiful and good on this earth.

The songs on the radio bring the emotions -- joy, sadness, longing, regret. It feels good just to feel.

People are fascinating when it comes to feelings. Some close up tight. Others are as open as the prairies.

Me? I'm somewhere in the middle, leaning toward the prairies. I used to be quiet and shy. Now I live my life in front of friends and strangers. It's a good way.

Who knows what God has in store? We're not promised tomorrow. But if it all goes away, I'll hold tight to the things that really matter.

And I will always cherish this moment, a passing point in time, when for once the stars flew in their courses and everything seemed right with the world.


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