Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Take a moment and live

OK, it's been a rough day. Don't fret. There has to be a little humanity left somewhere.

Pull up a chair and I'll tell you how to find it. It's easier than you might think.

Cause sometimes it seems like it's gotten lost somewhere. Or tossed aside somewhere. Crumbled up into a heap and left neglected by the side of the road.

It was here often once, or at least I'd like to think it was, back when we had time for such things. You didn't have to go hunting for it, right?

But now all we can do is insult one another. The quicker the better, too. So what if you hurt someone's feelings? It's all about me, after all.

Saw that new movie tonight, "World Trade Center." Remember how it was then? Especially in those first few weeks after 9/11.

Strangers swapped smiles instead of insults -- even in New York!. People took time to stop and say hello. Every now and then, you'd even hug somebody, cause you didn't want them to feel alone.

Now we're back to insulting each other's politics, religion and God knows what else. We won't have an intelligent, respectful discussion. No, I'll just start shouting and you try to shout over me. We'll act like fools for 15 minutes. It will be fun. Watch FOX News or CNN one night. You'll see what I mean.

It's just a shame it took a tragedy, loss of human lives, to get us back there for even a brief few minutes.

We brush people aside in the street. Who cares? They got in your way, remember?

We take guns to school cause we feel isolated. Shoot down the principal cause somebody makes us mad. Then we wonder how somebody can drive airplanes into buildings.

You don't have time to chat a few minutes with the postal worker anymore. No spare minute to call your mom and tell her you love her. You don't even have time to love anybody.

Instead we rush on, so wrapped up in life we've forgotten how to live. Hearts get broken at the drop of a hat. A mockingbird's song goes unnoticed. Neighbors pass one another in the street. Can't wave though. No time for that.

Sunrises and sunsets offer such poetry. But we don't stop to see them. Instead we hurry to the next appointment, rush to the next ball game, cut somebody off in traffic, just to gain two seconds during the morning commute.

Smart off to a coworker. They don't matter. You've got a job to complete, remember.

Knock the guy over on the way to your seat. Who cares?

And God forbid, don't thank that nice young woman holding the door for you. Can't do that. No, we'll just walk on and talk on our cell phone instead.

Enough is enough. Life is too short.

Do yourself a favor. Stop what you are doing right now. Just relax a minute.

Now, take a deep breath, get up, go find somebody, and flash them the biggest grin you've got. Chances are, they'll grin you one right back.

See there? Don't that feel better.

Call an old friend and tell them you love them. Pass out compliments just cause you were able to get out of bed today. Pull over to the side of the road tonight on the way home. Let all the other cars whiz by you. Watch the sun go down instead.

When you get home, listen to your favorite piece of music. Spend a few minutes tonight with a loved one, or a child, or a little dog.

When you get that inevitable kiss, or that tender little hug, or a big, wet lick on the face from Fido, smile again.

Cause that, my friends, is what life is all about.


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Consensus means nothing more than lack of leadership

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