Monday, September 11, 2006

The slovenly days of September

I feel like a slob.

Four days of football. Plenty of football.

Need I say more?

Tennessee's game against the Air Force on Saturday was my home opener, thanks to the migraine that kept me away from the Cal game on Labor Day weekend.

Turned out to be quite a matchup. The Falcons' flexbone offense confounded the Vol defense for most of the game. It took a game saving 2-point conversion stop and an onsides kick recovery (after two attempts!) for the Big Orange to escape with a win.

At halftime, John Majors couldn't buy any respect.

Back home to be honored with members of the 1956 edition of the Volunteers, Majors was barely noticeable on the field, even while sporting his old No. 45. Bobby Denton failed to mention Majors was on the field; instead, a scroll of present team members was presented on the JumboTron.

Maybe Majors wanted it that way. Maybe UT screwed him over. Either is plausible.

That aside, the Air Force game was a lot of fun. I love the Falcons offense. I just don't ever want to see it at Neyland Stadium ever again.

The fun continued yesterday. My pal Drew Weaver broke down and ordered the NFL package on Directv. One o'clock found me in Maryville watching the Bengals/Chiefs game. Every now and then, Drew flipped to the "Superfan" feature, which allows one to watch eight games at once! Ain't technology grand?

But guess what? Here it is Monday and the party rolls on!

The Minnesota Vikings just escaped from FedEx Field in Washington with a win by a field goal against the Redskins. The Chargers and the Raiders are playing on the second Monday Night Football game as I type this.

You gotta love September!

Gotta go now. The easy chair awaits.


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