Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's resolutions

Gee. Guess I blinked 'cause 2006 sure went by in a hurry. The years seem to go by faster the old-- well, never mind, I don't have it in me to say that "o" word.

Somebody awhile back started the tradition of coming up with New Year's resolutions. Being somewhat of a traditionalist, you won't catch me breaking it. So here goes.

I joked in the newspaper this week that my resolutions for '07 are to finally make it through "War and Peace" and to watch more baseball this year -- and that most likely I'd only keep one of those. Well, the baseball part is easy. We'll see about conquering Russian romanticism.

Closer to home, I resolve to spend more time with my family. Recent events have served as a reminder that they won't be here forever.

I also hope to spend as much time with friends as possible. They say you add seven minutes to your life every time you laugh. With the bunch I hang around, I'm going to live forever. Thanks, y'all.

Near the top of the list has to be getting back to a more regular exercise routine. I like to take long, fast walks outside. Here's to more of that in '07.

Ditto to spending more time at the lake (and outside in general). Missed too many pretty days this year cause I spent them indoors.

This is a daily resolution, but I'll include it. I plan to get better, each and every day, at my job. Never be satisfied. Always recognize you've got much more to learn and constant room for improvement.

I'd also like to think I'll become a better person this year. More thankful. More humble. More empathetic. More grateful for all I have.

Silly stuff?

Well, I'd like to get to a Washington Nationals baseball game this year. I'd also like to make a big dent on that book I've been writing. And record that country album with Rick Campbell.

I've also got a long list of books I want to read this year, places I'd like to visit, projects I want to complete.

But my main resolution for 2007? Chill out. Relax. Take each day as it comes. Recognize, not to be trite, that it's all small stuff, and not worth sweating. Be grateful for this time.

And to always --- always --- make time to laugh.


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