Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Last night, when the world made perfect sense...

ANN ARBOR, Mich, Aug. 13 --- Tell me the secret.

Hurry up, please. Let me in on it. How you make time stop? I need to know.

Then again, no. Can't do that. But, oh, how I wanted it to tonight.

Discovered while making plans for this vacation that Robinella would be playing here in Ann Arbor, 30 minutes from where friends David and Jen live. I'd walk a country mile to hear Robin sing anyway; this was an easy decision.

It's just her and Hans, the guitar player, tonight. But that's all Robin needs. She opens her mouth, lets us hear a little slice of heaven, smiles that smile, and my goodness gracious.

Time stops. Cares float away. For a couple of hours the world is beautiful and the whole darn thing makes perfect sense.

She sings some favorites tonight, including "Man Over," and the tenderly beautiful "Morning Dove." A new song breaks your heart. Then Robin channels Billie Holiday and you're caught smack dab in the blues.

There's something for everybody. Alison Krauss and Roger Miller, good ol' Southern Gospel and a few original tunes. Little slices of joy and heartache.

Finally it's finished. You sit there a minute, knowing you've witnessed something wonderful. It plucks at your heartstrings, touches you in that sweet little place that only music can.

I can't make the moment last. It's back out into the late summer night, back to Ferndale, eventually back to work and reality.

But the memories linger. You hum a tune, remember that sweet smile, and thank God that you've been here tonight to hear this special soul share her talent with the world.

Life seems brighter somehow. The night isn't so lonely. The old dreams, the good dreams, yeah, they might just come true. Anything seems possible after spending some time with Robinella.

So maybe I don't need time to stand still after all.

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