Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Stream of consciousness

Author's Note: This is an experiment in stream-of-consciousness writing. Faulkner was the master -- I'm not even attempting to climb that Everest -- but others have used it with success. Michael Herr is another. He wrote a fine Vietnam memoir, "Dispatches," that is basically one long ramble. Or what's left of a bad LSD trip.

OK, here goes:

I want to read "The Sun Also Rises" again. Lady Brett. Bullfights. Remember when you read it that Memorial Day weekend at the lake? What was that, 1999? Brent Ford and beer. He tried to get a couple of girls to come up there. Can't remember what happened. Watched that movie, "A Bright Shining Lie." Bought the book; never read it.

Go away headache. Please go away.

Truck rumbles by on the road. Wonder if the ice has melted? TV guy said something about fog. Thin layer of ice.

Migraine. I think I'm going to throw up.

Hilary Duff on magazine cover resting on coffee table. God, when did that girl grow up? Reminds me of buying Vanity Fair, the one with Bobby Kennedy on the cover, at Walgreens, after I gave that speech at Halls Middle School. How did I make that jump in my head?

Wonder if I should act on an impulse? I'll think about her tomorrow. She's single, I think.

Wonder if pal Dean is still up? Nah, I need to go to bed, not talk on the phone. Headache. Work tomorrow.

Charlie Rose is interviewing some guy who wrote a novel called "Young Stalin." Looks good. Will have to see if the library carries it.

John Denver. LOL. Haven't heard this song in ages. "Come and let me look in your eyes..." I guess growing isn't hard to do, after all. Just stand against the wall...

I want to go to Wyoming. Drive out west. Maybe start in Utah and work my way to Jackson. Rocky Mountains and the open road. If nothing else, I'll watch "Centennial."

I hate these late nights. Sick. Can't sleep. Tired of being haunted by a memory of a memory. Go with the flow. Take a chance or two.

You think Bruce Pearl is feeling some heat? Nah, he's bought some time. I'm ready for baseball. When are my season tickets going to get here?

Gotta go to Tractor Supply and get a new western shirt. Still have that gift certificate. I want to go to Wyoming.

OK, man, take your pill and go to bed. Dream of warm weather, pretty girls and baseball.

Forget about life.


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