Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It ain't all about you

Rudeness is alive and well in Knoxville, Tenn.

Last night, while eating at Naples, an Italian restaurant in Bearden, a group of diners arrived after me and were seated at the table ajacent to mine. You ever get the vibe that you're in for a "treat"? It proved correct.

At the center of the table -- in more ways than one -- was a dark-headed woman with a big mouth. She talked louder than nearly everyone in the restaurant. Without trying, I heard the entire conversation.

A few minutes later, one of them flatulated -- loudly. I looked over in disgust. Most of them laughed. Center of attention brunette laughed the loudest. To her credit, one woman uttered, "Oh, my god!"

But, the moment of truth came when an elderly woman attempted to make her way to the exit. She needed a walker to move around.

When she approached this table, a bald doofus on the end didn't bother to stand up. Finally, he found it within himself to scoot a few inches closer to the table.

The elderly woman never lost her sweet countenance and actually spoke a few kind words to the jerk.

A bit later, at McKay Used Books, I snagged a copy of "The Education of Henry Adams" and made my way to the door. I had to pass a couple of folks, disrupting their line of sight to the books.

"Beg your pardon," I said. Neither said thanks or kiss my butt or anything.

I don't know what's wrong with our society, but people as a whole have no manners or basic empathy for others. I don't know if it is egotism or selfishness or solipsyzm.

But I do know it's disgusting.

News flash, people: It ain't all about you.


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