Monday, March 07, 2011

Snow on Sunday

Thought spring was just around the corner. After all, March 20 is now just 13 days away.

Woke up Saturday morning to 70-degree, if rainy, weather. The Red Sox and Marlins were playing on MLB TV.

Woke up Sunday morning to snow. Forty degree temp drop in 24 hours.

Well, it is East Tennessee, after all. Remember that 10-inch snowstorm on April Fools Day?

But it was nice to lie on the couch in my robe and pajamas and hear Don and Jerry break down this year's Sox. Seeing Dustin Pedroia slam a single was a sight for sore eyes.

If gas keeps going up, I'll be spending more and more spring and summer afternoons on the couch. Won't be able to hit the road and fill up that Xterra.

Which is fine. Baseball is my balm. Plus, I'm getting married this fall. I need to save all the pennies I can.

But snow? Really?

Send me sunny Sundays. I'm ready for spring.


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