Monday, October 17, 2011

Baseball blues

Well, the Braves and Red Sox choked and the Tigers just got beat by a better team. My baseball dreams are dead for another year.

But, I'll tip my cap to the Cards. Several of my friends love 'em.

The ALCS, when it didn't get ugly, was actually quite a contest. Extra innings, tension, clutch hits, everything you want in a playoff series. Bottom line is I ain't complaining. I can remember very clearly back to when the Tigers were losing 100 (and sometimes 119) games a year.

Ditto with the Braves. And the Red Sox? Well, they're the Red Sox. Late season choke goes with the territory.

I'm bummed they let Tito go. I don't know what to make about all those allegations of drinking in the dugout. I do know that anytime an "all-star" team is assembled, it usually falls flat.

Guess it will be a bleak fall on the sporting scene. Tennessee is terrible. The Colts are Manning-less and we don't get 'em on TV too much down here anyway. I might mosey over to an Ice Bears game or two and probably catch the Preds on the dish from time to time. I'll have to watch Cuonzo ball out of curiosity.

Otherwise, I'll slip into sports hibernation mode and see y'all in the spring.


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