Saturday, December 03, 2011

Christmas comes to Halls

There we were, sitting on the steps in front of Halls Middle School, enjoying a remarkably mild December afternoon and watching busy people build floats.

It was almost time for the Christmas parade.

We'd at first sat on that concrete contraption in front of the high school gym, mainly so I could admire a guy's dune buggy. But I had a headache and the furious fumes weren't helping. So, we walked a ways and got a glimpse of the Loveland Baptist Church float.

One thing I like about taking pictures at the parade is that virtually everybody you meet wants to be in the paper. Even a girl who didn't seem too happy while her mother fixed her hair beamed when I asked if I could take her photograph.

Shannon Carey was busier than scavenging ants at a July Fourth picnic. She was running this way and that, telling folks where to turn, making sure the parade preparation, chaotic at best, didn't devolve into downright anarchy. Give her a gold star. She and Pam Jordan worked their tails off.

We admired a guy's Golden Jubilee Ford tractor, gave grins to a woman with the greatest holiday hair I have ever seen, and became all warm and fuzzy inside when Kenny Widener, the parade's perennial Santa, brought with him his three-month-old granddaughter.

Yes, my friends, the holidays have come to Halls. Frank Capra ain't got nothin' on our Christmas parade, I'll tell you that.



Blogger Lola Alapo said...

Funny enough, there was one in Fountain City this morning, too. (Maybe it was the same one that ended up in Halls. Dunno.) I didn't even know it was going on. Was heading to Kroger and I saw all these people and floats in the parking lot where Blockbuster used to be. So pretty! It gave Knox that small-town feel I love so much.
Glad I was heading back the other way by the time the parade started or I would have been stuck in traffic. The cops blocked off Broadway heading north for the parade.
Fun, fun!

9:26 PM  

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