Saturday, June 02, 2012

Joshing with the angels

On this date in 1995, I lost my cousin and friend, Joshua William Ellis.

He died young, 16, way too soon, car accident. I think of him just about every day. Sometimes he visits me in my dreams. The only bad part is when I wake up.

This song by Randy VanWarmer always makes me think of him.

We love you and miss you, buddy. I know you're joshing with the angels. I'm also proud that this happens to be my 1,000th blog post. So, so appropriate...

Sometimes I feel a wave
Of a past break in my mind
And I know it's gone for good
And it makes me want to cry
Is this all we get to keep
As the years go rollin' by?
Just a memory
For all the days gone by.

Oh you're always in my heart
And you're often on my mind
I will never let it die
Just as long as I'm alive
Sometimes it makes me sad
That we never said goodbye
Oh I guess it never hurts
To hurt sometimes.

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