Monday, July 23, 2012

Customer service isn't dead after all

Whoever said customer service is dead should visit Harrison's Grill. The woman who waited on me there today hasn't gotten that memo.

I had an 11 a.m. interview in Clinton. My friend Charles, known in most circles as The Giant Rat of Knoxville, asked if I could meet for lunch. I suggested Harrison's, located in front of the Super Walmart near the Clinton exit off I-75. It's one of my favorite restaurants.

Well, they sat us in the bar area and immediately I was curious as to why I hadn't been handed a lunch menu. But, I found what I wanted. So did The Rat.

"Oh, wait," the server said as we gave our orders, "we have a lunch portion. And you shouldn't have even been given those menus."

She saved us money without us even asking.

I also didn't have to ask her to refill my water and coffee. She made sure the cup never came close to being empty. That's the sign of a good server.

Then came dessert time.

"Can you split up an order of banana pudding?" The Rat asked.

"Yes," the server said.

She gave us individual-sized portions, ones we didn't know we could order, again saving us money.

Customer service dead?

Not at Harrison's.

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