Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blogging the book: Groped by an octopus

This is a continuation of my thoughts as I read "The Doctor's Daughter: Journey to Justice" by Belle Blackburn.

My, my. Quite a bit has happened to Kate since my last blog post about the book.

Late-night intrigue in a graveyard. Discovering her best friend is in love with her. Being "requested," in the implied "you'd better do this" sense, to make a public speech in favor of Tennessee's secession from the Union.

And, yes, getting married. Sigh.

I have told you before I don't like this Brice guy. True story: the thought was going through my head, "Geez, all this guy wants to do is get his hands all over Kate every time they're alone or take a carriage ride," when Kate says she doesn't much like it, either, adding she feels likes she is "being groped by an octopus."

The exchange between Brice's father and Kate's mother after their children announce their engagement is sad, disturbing, heartbreaking. Kate's wedding night is anything but blissful.

Oh, and by the way, what's the story with Brice's former girlfriend Daisy and why don't I think I'll like it when that tale is told?

Methinks a storm's a-brewin', and I ain't talkin' about the war...

The Rockwells' description of Nashville's previous public hanging reminded me of a scene in the 1969 version of "True Grit." It was an all-day event, almost like a festival. Children playing, people hawking concessions, a public sing-along to "Amazing Grace."

One scene provided a great laugh because I have heard this exact conversation in my lifetime.

While touring Brice's alma mater with Kate, he makes reference to "standing high on this hill," watching steamboats navigate the river.

"Hill? That's no hill," Kate says. "I'm from Knoxville and I know what hills are. Trust me, this is a slight rise in the land."

The journey continues...

"The Doctor's Daughter: Journey to Justice" is available from Amazon.com.


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