Saturday, August 24, 2013

Quiet Saturday night

What's shakin' on this Saturday night?

It is relatively quiet here. Mel Torme (and Friends!) is on the turntable. "Porgy and Bess Medley." Doo be doo be doo dah. Remind me to tell you a Torme tale here in a minute.

Hate we couldn't make it to Brent and Katie's wedding in Music City. Of all things, I passed a small kidney stone. And I'm getting over an infection. Hey, at least I passed the darn thing. It's only the second of 14 I've been able to get rid of naturally.

Thank God for Spencer Solomon. Not only does the 20-something give me hope for the future in terms of his musical taste, but he's also a darn good guy.

Spencer brought over 15 DVD volumes of "The Dean Martin Variety Show" for me to watch while I'm laid up this weekend. How about that?

Everybody loves somebody, sometime...

As I told somebody earlier, I was a little disappointed when my condo didn't have a pole on which I could swing down from the upstairs to the living room, like Dean did. Maybe I can get Jenn to buy me an orange couch, "Mad Men" era, though.

I mentioned Mel. True story: A friend of mine went to see Torme years ago here in Knoxville. He was single at the time and brought along a buddy who, uh, had bent one elbow too many earlier in the day.

After the show, my pal got to meet Mel. He said Mel was nice, gracious, welcoming ... until the bombed buddy said, "It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Bennett."

And off the bus went into the night.

Also, I had forgotten that my favorite disc jockey -- WNYC's Jonathan Schwartz -- shows up on "Mel Torme and Friends Live at Michael's Pub New York." Talk about the best of both worlds.

Let's toast one to Brent and Katie. We're there in spirit, y'all.

Have a good weekend.

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