Friday, January 17, 2014

Comfort food

Hey, it's Friday. Fabulous. Fun.

Whatcha doin' this weekend? I plan to take it nice and easy. Cause you know what they say. Nice and easy does it, baby, every time.

Told ya the other day that I've been listening to Mr. Crosby a lot lately (Bing, not David). On a documentary originally shown on PBS, movie critic Leonard Maltin called Bing's velvet voice "comfort food."

Wish I'd coined that phrase.

Gave me an idea to ask a question. What is your comfort food -- literally or figuratively?

Here's mine:

Literally: Steak and taters. Pepperoni pizza. Louis' spaghetti. Hamburgers (mustard only). E.B. Hunter's hoagies. Bacon and egg sandwiches. Peanut butter and bananas. (Yep, stole it from Elvis.) Oreo cookies dipped in milk. Pancakes. Popcorn.

Figuratively: Bingo, of course. Elvis. Sinatra. John Denver. Jimmy Stewart. John Wayne. "Dark Shadows." Baseball. Bugs Bunny."Gunsmoke." Monochrome movies. Robinella. "Road" movies. Johnny Carson. J.R. Ewing. Jack Benny. "Big Bang Theory." "M*A*S*H." "Cheers." "CBS Sunday Morning." The Carpenters. Radio. Reading. Hawaii. Hawaii. Hawaii.

You know what I think? We need comfort food. You have yours. I have mine.

The best quote is from Willy Wonka: "A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men."

Don'tcha think?


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