Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gambling at Gettysburg?

Don't it just figure?

To hell with history. To hell with preservation. To hell with hallowed ground. Let's build a casino!

A group called Chance Enterprises, Inc. is planning to build a 40-acre compound near Gettysburg National Military Park that will include hotels, a convention center, a multi-screen movie theater and a slot-machine casino.

Yeah, that's what we want at Gettysburg. "Hey, honey, let's go tour the battlefield and then go play the slots!"

Supporters say that nothing significant happened at the site they are planning to build the casino. Maybe, maybe not.

But who really wants to see flashing neon lights while contemplating on Rebs and Yanks at Little Round Top? Who wants to sit in traffic destined not for the battlefield, but for the gaming area?

It was bad enough when they put that damn tower up.

Our nation's history is disappearing in a sea of strip malls, fast food joints and so-called "urban sprawl." The spot where Gen. Patrick Cleburne was killed during the Battle of Franklin, for example, is now a Pizza Hut.

I'm all for economic development, but this is insane.

The Civil War Preservation Trust is fighting to keep this casino from becoming a reality. For more information on this and other opportunities to save our nation's history, visit www.civilwar.org.

The time has come to take a stand. Or else everything, even the hallowed ground, really will be gone with the wind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:49 AM  
Blogger Brian Hornback said...

Ok, I agree with everything you said, except your slap at urban sprawl. I disagree with the notion that urban sprawl is evil. I do believe that the battlefield should be protected, however, you should be able to build a Papa Johns on that 200 acres in Halls if you want to. Private Property Owners Rights, That's what I support.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Jake Mabe said...

Thanks, Brian.

I think, though, you are confusing "urban sprawl" with "economic development."

I have no problem with economic development it all. It is one of the reason I vote for the GOP every other November.

What I do have a problem with is Pizza Huts going up on Civil War battlefields and casinos threatening Gettysburg.

Surely we as a society are better than that.

That was the point I was making.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Brian Hornback said...

I agree with you Jake.

Pizza Hut's should not be built on battlefield nor should gambling casinos like the one on an indian reservation in Cherokee.

There is a time and place for all things and our landmarks should be protected.

An exit ramp within 20 miles should sufficient for a Shoney's and all the Charter buses.

I know that as a fellow conservative republican you agree with me that we should protect Private Property Owners Rights and that you would take my property for government use or for economic development.

You're a Great guy. Keep posting. You may hit a nerve, yet.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Jake Mabe said...

Brian: Call David Souter and ask him what HE thinks about protecting property rights!!!!

9:57 PM  
Blogger Brian Hornback said...

unfortunately his brief, speaks for itself

9:58 PM  

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