Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sick leave (Part II)

Hi y'all.

I'm taking a few days off from the blog. I still haven't been able to pass this kidney stone. I'm pretty much relegated to the bed and couch right now, am in considerable pain and feel quite fatigued.

I go Thursday to consult with the doctor. Cross your fingers that I don't have to have surgery, but that's what it's looking like at this point.

I'm so thankful that this isn't life threatening, though. So many people out there have it bad tonight. They are facing cancer, heart trouble, the deaths of loved ones, hurt, anger, hopelessness, depression, broken hearts, hunger, poverty and a hundred other things. I, on the other hand, am very blessed. So in that sense, I'm grateful for this kidney stone.

Until we meet again, have a good day today, keep it between the lines, and try to make a difference in somebody's life this week.

I'll leave you with two points to ponder.

First, a quote from the late, great Roberto Clemente:

"If you have a chance to make life better for others and fail to do so, you are wasting your time on earth."

And this, from Kenny Rogers:

"Love your neighbor as yourself. Don't use money to measure wealth. Trust in God, but lock your door. Buy low. Sell high. And slow dance more."


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