Monday, April 24, 2006

The richest guy in town

Those who know me best say everything always comes back to "Magnum, p.i." with me. I might argue for baseball and bluegrass, but today, those who know me are right.

I was reminded this morning of something Magnum says during one of his voiceovers:

"The only things you have to prove your worth are the friends you leave behind."

You think about the things that matter most in life and it has absolutely nothing to do with money, cars, fortune or fame.

Nope, it has to do with that friend who has been there for you for 14 years, through thick and thin, always ready to lift you up or just make you laugh. It's the guy you've known even longer than that who honored and humbled you by naming his firstborn son after you.

It's the kindness behind a wrapped up piece of cake you are given when you walk out the door. It's the hug you get, a brief gesture that says "We love you," that is worth more than $1 million in gold.

It's the message left on your answering machine telling you to smile. It's the friend who drove an hour out of the way just to be with you when you needed it. It's the text message that says "Had a good time last night."

It's never having to worry that they'll ever forsake you or hurt you. It's knowing they'll come be with you, no questions asked, if you need them.

It's in raising you up instead of bringing you down. It's the outstretched hand. It's the friend who comes to watch the baseball game with you, even though you know they'd rather be doing something else.

It's a smile, a pat on the back, an e-mail that wants nothing but to say hello. It's the phone call that asks nothing but whether you are having a good day.

Lovers, it has been said, stand facing one another, gazing into each other's eyes. But friends stand side by side, always looking ahead together.

I may not have very much in this world. I'm certainly not rich, don't drive a fancy car, don't have people asking for my autograph or taking my picture when I step outside. By worldly standards, I guess I don't have that much at all.

But I've got the greatest thing of all -- I have friends. And that, folks, is why I'm the richest guy in town.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not that it bothers me...but you don't have "other friends" giving you cake, do you? Or calling to tell you to smile?? I'd like to think that I'm the only one who does those kind of things! :)

You're truly one of life's greatest treasures...and I'm proud to also call you my friend.

4:10 PM  

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