Thursday, October 05, 2006

Almost home

"Keep on Truckin' " may well be the theme for David Crocker's 600 mile bicycle journey across Tennessee.

As Crocker hit familiar territory today, he says all continues to go according to plan.

Crocker traveled 112 miles in six hours and five minutes, averaging 18.6 miles thanks to a tailwind he picked up from East Knox County to Morristown.

"It sure did feel good," he says.

Physically, he's continuing to hit a groove, sore legs notwithstanding.

"My body's kind of getting used to it. I don't have as much power going up a hill as I once did, but I feel pretty good."

He says riding in familiar territory makes a mental difference.

"You're always more relaxed and feel like you know the road and how far it is until you stop. Whereas, if you don't know the road, you're wondering 'Is the place I'm going to stop over the next hill or five miles from here?' "

The curtain will fall on Crocker's journey tomorrow, as he heads from Morristown to the big finale in Mountain City. Forecasters say the wind will be coming from the north, which might make the journey a little more difficult.

"But, hey," Crocker says, "it's the last day."


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