Wednesday, October 04, 2006

On to Knoxville!

Is hard to say whether riding a bike across the state could ever be considered routine.

But if a routine is to be found in such an endeavor, David Crocker has found it.

Today's ride through Hamilton, Bradley and McMinn counties was fun, Crocker says, and easier than yesterday's trek.

"I've watched the Tour de France for a lot of years. I've never understood how one day could be any different from the other, that it could make that much difference. But I'm beginning to understand."

Crocker traveled 88 miles today in four hours and 50 minutes. He averaged 18 miles per hour and pedaled 18,700 strokes.

"I went through Chattanooga just fine. I talked to a local fella last night who gave me a tip on a better route that was less congested and had less traffic. Everything went smoothly. There were no incidents of any kind."

Most of today's route was flat, and Crocker says that made it a little easier. And he ate quicker after riding last night, which will improve the way you feel the following morning, and he got plenty of rest.

"Yesterday was just work. This was more enjoyable."

Crocker is glad the rain is apparently going to stay away during his journey to Knoxville and beyond tomorrow. He'll head up 11E in the morning and end up in Hamblin County.

He's three-fourths of the way through. And all, he says, is well.


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