Sunday, January 07, 2007

Like you've been there before

What was that Joe South sang about in "Walk A Mile in my Shoes?" Something about the law of karma and reaping what you sow?

Just ask Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. He knows all about it this Sunday morning.

Romo replaced Drew Bledsoe as the Cowboys on-field leader earlier this season. He won a few games. It went to his head.

He started dating Carrie Underwood, the country music singer and former "American Idol" and paraded around with her on the field before a game. FOX broadcaster Terry Bradshaw spoke for a lot of us when he took Romo to task.

"I would never dream of doing that before a game," Bradshaw said. And he really knows about winning. Terry has four Super Bowl rings.

Romo led his team down the field in the closing seconds of yesterday's Wildcard playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. The Cowboys were a field goal away from advancing. It was a chip shot.

The snap was clean. But what's this? Romo, also the holder on kicks, bobbled the ball. Oops. The Seahawks escaped with a win. Tony went from hero to goat in seconds.

Several lessons can be learned here, the first of which might be to hold the ball steady. But more than that, maybe Romo will learn something about humility, and acting like you've been there before.


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