Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pieces of April

I've got pieces of April, but it's a morning in May...

My favorite month is over. Don't look now, it's gone.

That's OK. Been a good month.

The fourth month of the year means baseball. Plenty of that. Nearly every Braves game on the tube. Trip to Chattanooga. Rome Braves, too. Twice to Smokies Park. Numerous times to Halls High.

Best part may be outdoors. Didn't start off that way. Freezing cold. Thermal underwear on Easter? You gotta be kidding.

Plenty more than that. Music = good. Jury duty = not as good. Met a lot of good folks, though.

A month of reunions. Dinner at Regas with pals from Nashville. Phone calls from high school buddy. Text messages from dear souls out of state. Plenty of fun on MySpace.

And what's this? Reunion girl too? Yep. Felt like I won the lottery or some such thing. Such good times.

Bad stuff, too. Migraines. Sunday night sick. Day or two out of it. Night or two wishing with all my being I could reach out and hold her hand awhile.

Good books, too. Pistol Pete. Horrors in Vietnam. Great SI article on a guy I used to hate.

"Magnum, p.i." Memories. Mazonne rocks back and forth -- in Baltimore??!!

Huddling up by the fire. Long, beautiful spring afternoons. One of those rare evenings when the world is perfect.

Blue skies. Brown eyes. Bottom of the eighth, Braves lead. 6-4-3 double play. Halls wins! Halls wins!

Robin sings the blues. "Oh, Mandy, you came and you gave without takin'." But I sent her away.

Deadlines. Commitments. What to leave in. What to leave out. Friday night blues. Come Monday, it will be alright.

Pieces of April.

But now it's a morning in May...


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