Friday, August 17, 2007


Somebody made a comment the other day. They said, "You know, that guy hasn't changed since high school."

I'm not so sure that's a good thing.

Oh, some of it probably is. Most of the important things never change --- honesty, decency, treating others as yourself, good music and even better conversation, all that jazz.

But frankly I'd be worried about somebody who's still the same person they were at 18.

First thing growing up will do is teach you that you aren't anywhere close to being the center of the universe. You haven't lived long enough to know much of anything. And life, perhaps sadly so, isn't black and white.

With age comes responsibility and perspective, patience and (hopefully) tolerance. No one political party has all the answers. People get old and die.

Life isn't a guarantee. Most broken hearts mend after all, despite what the song says. Silence is a virtue.

Some things never change. John Wayne movies. Death and taxes. Lying politicians. The 6-4-3 double play. Pretty eyes.

It's funny. The more I ride down this journey called life, the less I seem to know. Few things are certain. Much is a mystery.

Some of the names change. That's OK. Time is the great equalizer. You find out who your real friends are that way.

So, yeah. Show me somebody who hasn't changed at all since high school and I'll show you somebody who is either among the walking dead or just plain stupid.

Neither option sounds too appealing to me.


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