Friday, March 14, 2008


There’s nothing to this turning 30 business. Piece of cake. No worries.

Took the day off yesterday. Tried to spend as much time as possible doing things I love most.

Which, first and foremost, meant baseball. Yesterday morning I ate breakfast while looking in on a Braves preseason game I recorded from Tuesday night. Still have part of it to finish this weekend.

Then came an episode or two of "Magnum, p.i." By the way, don’t ever let anybody tell you that Frank Sinatra can’t act. He simply makes his 1987 appearance on Tom Selleck’s TV show memorable by his very presence. "Laura" would have otherwise been just another episode; in Sinatra’s hands it becomes one of the best shows of the entire 8-year run.

Thursday afternoon was reserved for my all-time favorite movie, "True Grit." I even skipped a screening of "Vantage Point" to watch it.

There’s nothing like watching Duke Wayne save the day yet again, this time with more than a little help from spunky Maddie Ross (Kim Darby). That film more than any other captures my personal philosophy. Good triumphing over evil, taking responsibility for your actions, and all that jazz.

Last night was the best part, though. Ate ribs and taters with the family. Opened gifts. Basked the the glow of my loved ones.

That’s really what birthdays are all about, you know? Spending time with those you love.

So I’m supposed to be off today, too. But here I sit at the office, typing away. You can do that when you love your job. You can do that when you have a great life.

Turning 30? No big deal, baby.

Not when you’re the luckiest guy in town.


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