Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Drifting away

This would be a good day to be out on the lake.

As it is, I'm sitting here at the office, but it's OK. Life is good.

But I still wanna free my soul, get lost in your rock and roll and drift away. Sometimes you just wanna hear some music, you know?

I think when I get off work this afternoon, I'm going to drink something cold, crank the A/C up and dig out my old records. Play the good stuff. Otis Redding and Joe Cocker and maybe a little Duke Ellington, if the mood hits.

Don't think I'm in the mood for Sinatra. He makes me a little sad. Life's too good to be melancholy today.

I daydream about getting lost in the music, doing something crazy, hopping in the car and following a band around the country for a week or two. Then I remember that gas is four bucks a gallon and figure I'll probably just head down to Barley's this weekend or next and listen to Robin and the boys sing awhile. That stirs my soul better than anything else anyway.

Tonight, though, I wanna hear some sweet soul music, sing from your gut stuff, you know, the kind they don't play anymore. Forget about life and time and how the weather was and drift off on some little tune, lost somewhere in time, an island in the stream, sweet solace on a summer night.

Come on over if you want. I'll be the fella standing by the record player.

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