Saturday, July 05, 2008

The livin' is easy

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. -- What a week.

Sure has been one to remember. Singing with Robinella, hangin' out and talkin' with a good friend for hours on the deck, Biltmore Estate, bistros in downtown Asheville, barbecue with pals on the Fourth.

And now, baseball, the Braves and Astros, in the ATL.

Don't like the drive. Had some time to kill, so we bypassed the Indy 500 that is I-75 and came down Highway 411, through south Maryville and down through Tennessee into Georgia. Nice jaunt through the heartbeat of America.

"You know," J.M. says, "the president and everybody in Washington should have to drive down a stretch like this at least once a month. Just so they see how most Americans live."

We passed an old A@W drive-in. I was tempted to get a root beer, but we kept going. Drove by the little theater in Etowa, where I once heard several groups sing that good ol' gospel music, back in the day.

Saw a place advertising glider rides and figured that would make a good story. Wonder if I could talk Scripps into paying me to drive around the backroads, looking for people, telling their tales?

Nah. Gas is too expensive.

We're chillin' at the hotel before navigating I-75 into the ATL. The Braves managed to win one last night. They are 4-7 during their last 11. The Astros have lost four straight.

I left my Braves Hawaiian shirt at home. But, I've got a pencil, a scorecard and money for something cold to drink.

Summertime, and the livin' is easy.

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