Friday, November 07, 2008

Taking time to talk

Forgive me for being so darn introspective this week. Just seems like the time for it, I guess.

Not feeling too well tonight. Laid up in bed, doped up on drugs, listening to the rain. Thought I'd duck in here a minute and chat. Feel lonely sometimes when I'm home sick.

As you get older, your priorities change. Maybe your philosophy does, too. I've told you before that I'm becoming more of a humanist in my old age. And I mean that in the best sense, the Renaissance definition, of the word.

Seems like it's time we started reaching out to each other, celebrating our achievements, constructively criticizing our faults. We only get one shot walking through this ol' world. Seems to me we should make the most of it.

I've been thinking a lot these past few days of what I enjoy most. And it's funny.

I had an occasion the other night to spend some time with some wonderful folks -- new friends in a lot of ways, but the kind you feel like you've known your entire life. As I enjoyed the conversation, I thought, "You know, this is what life is all about." Talking together, laughing together, finding out about your fellow human beings, hearing about their lives and what makes them tick, well, it not only makes you feel less alone, it also just warms the heart.

If you're reading these words, I hope I've done something at some point along the way to make you smile. I guess when it's all said and done, I'll forever be a would-be entertainer -- cause I love to make somebody else laugh, or think, or just engage them a few minutes with a story or a song.

Seems like we spend a large amount of time trying to connect with others -- with friends, lovers and other strangers, co-workers, or just somebody who felt like chatting in line at the supermarket. It's sort of like that old saying that people get up before dawn and go throw a hook and sinker in a lake somewhere not realizing it isn't really fish they're after. Make sense?

I don't know. Guess what I'm saying is I wish we'd slow down a little bit, turn off the TV and take time to talk to each other. Make it a point to call somebody up or go visitin' when you don't want or need anything other than to spend time together. I wonder sometimes about the people I meet every now and then who won't look you in the eye and barely have two words to say. I guess I worry that their lives can't be too happy.

Well, forgive me for rambling. Just wanted to blab a minute and toss around what I've been carrying around inside this week. Try to make some sense of it.

Thanks for letting me bend your ear. Wish me luck that this migraine goes away soon. Don't much like being under the weather on a Friday night.

Peace out.


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