Tuesday, January 06, 2009

All it ever does is rain...

Seems like all it ever does anymore is rain.

Could be worse. If it were a few degrees cooler, this would all be snow.

Last night would have been the perfect evening for a 1940s black-and-white mystery. As it was, I was sitting in the Andrew Johnson Building downtown, at the school board, listening to Robert Bratton go off on the media and the “sensational” headlines that give him heartburn.

It’s OK. This is my free entertainment.

Just before bed, I read awhile on Lincoln, and his pioneering role as commander-in-chief. The Rail-splitter turns 200 this year. And, it seems like the time to read about him, given all the silly comparisons between Abe and Obama.

Tonight, I’ll head over to the old school, to the gym, to watch a few minutes of basketball. Halls is playing Central. It seems the thing to do.

(Well, actually, I get paid for it. Don’t tell anybody.)


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