Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Auld Lang Syne

Eleven in the morning on a rainy Friday here in Halls and I'm sitting at my desk.

Oh, it's not a big deal being in the office the day after Christmas. My work is part of my soul. (Plus, at this point, I'm glad to just have a job.)

I'm listening to the rain and thinking about the holidays -- and the oxymoronic nature of the depressing joy of New Years. What I mean by that is society tells you you're supposed to be happy during the holidays, look to the fond expectancy of a new year, but I've always found it to be somewhat melancholic. Maybe it's just me.

But, as I sit here awaiting pages, I reflect on the innate sweetness of life, and the fact that we bring upon ourselves 95 percent of the drama in our lives. I know that joy exists all around us. Find it in good friends, that special someone, your favorite song, a good book, or the warmth of your family, sunsets, a well-thrown knuckleball.

Here's to 2009. Here's to being unafraid of the future. Here's to knowing if you put your mind to it you can accomplish -- and overcome -- anything.

And, here's to you, should old acquaintance be forgot.


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