Sunday, April 19, 2009

4 a.m.

Curious are the thoughts one has at 4 a.m.

I am tempted to do the stream of consciousness thing again. Just to give you an example. But, nah. Faulkner was the master; I am nowhere near that ballpark. I'm too sleepy to do it anyway.

You ever get so tired you aren't tired? That's me tonight.

Had a big day, though. My nephew (well, he isn't really my nephew, but he calls me Uncle Jake and I reciprocate) celebrated his fourth birthday. Who knew, but it seems Transformers are the rage again. Something old, something new.

Watching him tear open his presents, slinging the paper to this side and that, made me smile. Ah, the innocent enthusiasm of the young. Sad, isn't it, that we later outgrow it.

I developed one of my trademark headaches. Thank God this one was sinus rather than migraine. So, I sneaked downstairs at Shelton's to the cool basement, sat down in the recliner, and napped while the Cubs beat the Cards.

Later I kept a friend company while she shopped. Funny the things you overhear at the Halls Walmart at 11 on a Saturday night. Unfortunately for me and my headache, that was the squall of a brat.

But, I enjoyed the companionship and the laughter over a country version of "Gin and Juice." Even bought a six-pack of IBC root beer. Made me forget all about the headache.

Now I'm trying to wind down, but am kept up by a new novel written by one Inman Majors, nephew to Tennessee football's first son, Johnny Majors. Its title is "The Millionaires." It is a not so thinly disguised fictionalization of the Butcher banking scandal of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

I am too tired to go into that tale for those unfamiliar with it, so I will save it for a future blog, when I review the book in question. I knew about Inman from a Metro Pulse story written a few years back. But I had no idea about this novel, which was apparently released in January. For whatever reason, local media has been silent about it.

Well, the clock reads 4:30 and I guess I'd better turn in. I will drop by again soon. Hope you're enjoying a good night's sleep.

I wish I was.

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