Monday, October 05, 2009

It could have been perfect

Don't guess there is much left to say about Saturday's sorry lost to Auburn.

Lethargic offense. Incomplete passes. Dumb decisions.

But, it's funny. Somehow, despite it all, I had a good time.

Maybe part of it was eating with family -- and almost eating with good friends -- at the Downtown Grill. Maybe it was the joy in finding RC Colas (in a glass bottle!) at the Mast General Store. Maybe it was the picture-perfect autumn afternoon.

Whatever the case, I had fun.

Even bought a black Outback hat with a feather in the brim. It matched my orange shirt, so I wore it to the game. Got a few compliments, too.

Making my way up to NN, the Mabe's UT football home since 1972, I shook hands with the usher, who grinned and said he was glad to see me. A bit later, we shared laughter and loss with our favorite football family, the McCrackens.

Then we lost. I shrugged. At least the Big Orange didn't give up, which it would have in previous seasons. A "never say die" attitude could be a harbinger of better things to come.

As I walked home in the chill of an early fall, my family by my side, I thought to myself, "Jake, you're one lucky guy."

The only thing that stopped it from being a super Saturday were dropped balls and dumb decisions.

It could have been perfect...

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