Thursday, October 28, 2010

Aloha, Danno

Just heard some sad news.

James MacArthur, known to millions as "Danno" in the original CBS version of "Hawaii Five-0," has died of natural causes in Florida. He was 72.

I like to watch reruns of the original "5-0" on DVD at night. They are a lot of fun and the scenery is always awesome.

MacArthur was the last surviving member of the original cast. Jack Lord, who played 5-0 boss Steve McGarrett, ("Book 'em, Danno!") died in 1998. Kam "Chin Ho" Fong died in 2002. Zulu ("Kono") died in 2004.

According to a newspaper report, MacArthur will be buried in New York next to his mother, the actress Helen Hayes.

He was reportedly slated to appear in a guest role on CBS's reboot of the show, which debuted this season. Hate that didn't happen, both for nostalgic reasons and because I'm looking for an excuse to continue watching the remake.

It's OK -- but that's the problem: it's just OK. The new version lacks a certain kind of cool that made the original so special. Lord was such an icon as McGarrett (frankly, so was MacArthur as Danno) that it's hard to see anybody else playing the role.

I do like the action and I love Grace Park. Guess I'll keep tuning in -- for awhile.

Meanwhile, here's a heartfelt aloha to James MacArthur. Rest in peace, Danno.

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