Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to the future

Elvis, Batman, "Family Ties" and go, Vols, go.

File this one under "Back to the Future." Great weekend. Good times.

Where to start?

Friday afternoon old pal Ross Southerland sent me a text.

"Conway and Loretta at Memories tonight. Would you like to come, bring your girlfriend?"

Memories means the Pigeon Forge theater, Lou Vuto and friends, Elvis, Vegas style, thankyouverymuch. So Jenn, her niece Leigha and I navigated the Nissan up to the Parkway.

Traffic was terrible. Ross called about 5:45. "You're going to be disappointed," he said.

We stopped at Zaxby's in Sevierville for dinner. From there to the theater -- no more than 10 miles -- took 45 minutes.

But we made it and was it fun. "Conway and Loretta" did well. Lou sang "Suspicious Minds" and some others. It reminded me of those halcyon days in the mid 90s.

Saturday was stunning, picture perfect, gorgeous goodbye to fall. Neyland Stadium was happening, happy, homecoming. Tyler Bray found some luck. Receivers were alert. Ole Miss wasn't.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you. Found a new channel, The Hub, on the tube. Used to be called Discovery Kids.

Hub shows "Batman," the good, campy one, Pow! and Zonk!, Adam West, Burt Ward, same bat time, same bat channel. And "Family Ties," a favorite from forever ago.

"Happy Days" happens on there, too, as does "The Wonder Years" and "Fraggle Rock" and other fun.

So now it's back to work, but not before back to the future, "Blue Suede Shoes," good ol' "Rocky Top," Pow! and Zonk!, "What would we do, baby, without us?"

Not a bad weekend, huh?

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Blogger celsinore said...

Thanks for the info. Always a great show at Memories.
We attended the show a few weeks back and it was great!
Nice guy that Ross.Sure like his music. Cathy

11:57 AM  

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