Thursday, November 11, 2010

Star-spangled salute to our veterans

On the 11th day of the 11th month, when we pause to give a star-spangled salute to all of our veterans, here are some special veterans that I am remembering today, in addition to everyone who served.

Larry G. Mabe, US Army
Phillip Mabe, US Army
Kenneth E. Mabe, US Army
Larkin W. Mabe, Confederate States of America, Carter's Cavalry
Nelson Jennings
Larry Van Guilder, US Air Force
Bruce Blakely, US Marine Corps
Steve Person, US Marine Corps
Steve Wolfe, US Marine Corps
Jim Hansard, US Navy
Matt Shouse, US Marine Corps
Gary Hickey, US Marine Corps
Greg Davis, US Marine Corps
Felix Fuentes, US Marine Corps
Edgar Jobes, US Marine Corps
Randy Jarrell, US Marine Corps
Larry Wade, US Marine Corps
Gerald Clark, US Army
Sam Hardman
Clyde Beeler, US Navy
Kurt Pickering, US Air Force
Danny Weaver, US Marine Corps
Bill Harned, US Navy
Earl Shelton, US Army
George "Ed" Byer, US Army
Randy Kington, US Marine Corps
Glenn Lewis, US Army
Jerry Lyons, US Army
Francis Ayers

What you did gave proof through the night that our flag was -- and is -- still there. Happy Veterans Day!


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