Sunday, January 02, 2011


So it's 2011 and, so far, the day-old new year has been a mixed bag.

On the upside, we rang it in the way we always do, in Shelton's basement, at our grand little Dec. 31 party.

Not near as much fun is a bad cold, sore throat and a dawn this morning that brought with it the realization that my HVAC unit has malfunctioned.

Que sera sera. It could always be worse.

I hesitate to make resolutions. I never keep them. But here are a few.

I resolve to be a good and loving husband to my fiancee, Jennifer VanOver, whom I will marry in either May or September. (We'll let you know the date sometime this week.)

I downloaded "War and Peace" (for free) to my Kindle. I'm going to give it yet another go. Everyone who makes it through says it's worth it.

I resolve to make yet another stab at that elusive book I've been meaning to write. Here are good, honest plans to give it a go this year.

What else?

Well, I resolve to be a better citizen, a better employee, a better friend, a better man. I hope to keep an open mind, most of the time, and continue my life-long education, even if that just means reading something with which I don't agree.

Here's to good intentions, new starts, the exciting promise of a clean slate and the optimistic adventures that await in 2011.

Happy New Year!


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