Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainy day on Rocky Top

Rainy day on Rocky Top.

Course, that's not keeping the crazies from driving like maniacs. On my way back from the downtown Rotary Club, I was cut off by a guy hauling mowing equipment and watched another car zoom in and out of traffic while motorists paused for puddles. Absolutely insane.

Got the iPod back last night. Glad to be back online. Immediately went to iTunes and spent five or six bucks, on some classics by Dionne Warwick, Crowded House, Joe Feliciano and the Oak Ridge Boys. Added a few albums from the CD collection as well.

Went to sleep to the iPod shuffle. Somewhere before slumber, Tom T. Hall popped up, singing about "The Year Clayton Delaney Died." What a song. What a storyteller.

Couldn't help but notice how much better the iPod behaves when synced to a Mac. That's still the best investment I've ever made.

Now, I just gotta get a home docking station and another car adapter and I'll be in bid'ness.


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