Monday, February 21, 2011

My regards still belong to Broadway

Manhattan is but a memory, yet my regards still belong to Broadway.

Our trip to New York was oh so short. Up and back. One and done. Blink. It's over.

But well worth it. I'd forgotten how much I love The City, with its busy sidewalks and blinking lights and big skyscrapers and bustling cacophony.

My mind drifts back there. I make it a point to read the New York section of the Times on my Kindle. Surfing the web means stops at the Daily News and New York Magazine websites. I sneak in a page or two of Pete Hamill while taking a break from Roger Rosenblatt's book on writing.

I tell everyone how much we loved Radio City and Rockfeller Center. I think back to the marquee advertising "Driving Miss Daisy," and wish for the 100th time I could have stayed one more day to see James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave play opposite one another.

Scrolling through the DVR list, I'm tickled to see I recorded an old favorite, "Sunday in New York," a few weeks ago. I'll give it a look later in the week.

Home is happy but my heart remains in Herald Square.

Now, it seems, I need a little give and take. The New York Times; the Daily News...


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