Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sirius/XM worth the debt

Sometime later today I'll pull out my credit card and go a little bit further in debt.

Can't help it. Sirius/XM Radio is that good.

Time was I got this for "free." Sort of. XM Radio was included as part of my DirecTV package. I didn't get the Elvis Radio channel -- I think that must've been on Sirius before the merger -- but I did get used to spending Sunday afternoons with Jonathan Schwartz. XM and DirecTV parted ways about three years ago and I had to say good-bye to all that.

Every now and then I'd hear snippets of sound. A co-worker used to have an XM radio. They are also overtly present whenever you rent a car. But I never could justify pulling the trigger on the purchase.

The night of my bachelor party (a swinging affair that involved dinner at Ye Ole Steakhouse and watching TV at Dean Harned's house) Mike Hermann pulled up in a rental car blaring Elvis Radio. Picture four guys flying down Broadway rocking to the strains of "Promised Land." I knew someday I'd have to give in and buy the damn thing.

Last week Dean says, "You gotta check out Elvis Radio. I'm listening to an ancient concert from the '50s. The screams are drowning out The King."

I surfed over to the Sirius/XM website. Turns out I could try it free for a week.

When I heard Donnie Sumner's "Mr. Songman" on Elvis Radio, I knew I was a goner. And I've yet to mention the decades channels ('40s, '50s, '60s, '70s), Siriusly Sinatra, or the fact we were able to listen to a live Jimmy Buffett concert from Atlanta last night.

Right now, Elvis is hitting the high notes on "Hurt," but this purchase isn't going to hurt my monthly budget one bit. In fact, it will be a pleasure to part with this cash.

Where's my wallet?


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