Monday, October 28, 2013

Suddenly, Schwartz, seven days a week

Jonathan Schwartz and I have been spending Sundays together for many moons now.

No, I've never met him. But, thanks to the intimacy of radio, Jonno feels like a friend.

Through thick and thin he's been there, playing the good, the gold, the Great American Songbook, while pop music has plummeted.

I was more than a bit bummed earlier this year when Schwartz said goodbye to his daily show on Sirius/XM.

"Well," I thought, "we'll always have Sundays."

And, now, suddenly, Schwartz, seven days a week, anytime I want. The fun begins Friday.

Christmas came early this year.

Jonno introduced me to Nancy LaMott, to Brian Stokes Mitchell, to Eva Cassidy, to others. He knows more about Sinatra than Sinatra did. He once made music with Mel Torme at Marty's in Manhattan. You can look it up.

His father was composer Arthur Schwartz, and he grew up among the greats. Read his memoir. It's a masterpiece.

And, above all else, listen. Listen to the music. Listen to a master play the masters.

But, by all means, listen. Listen seven days a week. Anytime you want.

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