Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nice and easy

Like the old song says, let's take it nice and easy.

This weekend has been quiet, comfortable, cool. Other than an impromptu performance of "Suspicious Minds" at Casa De Frith on Friday night and a migraine last night that didn't make the morning, I've taken it nice and easy.

Yesterday afternoon, Jon Schwartz was playing somebody -- I missed her name -- singing "You're The Top." I hummed along, laughing at a memory of Larry Matthews (the kid who played Ritchie Petrie on "The Dick Van Dyke Show") learning it for a school play on one show. I hated that little guy. (Ritchie, not Larry.)

Snow fell in Philadelphia during the Army/Navy game. I spotted Roger Staubach and was treated to Tracy Wolfson using the word "here" three times in one sentence.

Hear, hear, Tracy!

Before the Big M kicked in, I watched Thomas Sullivan Magnum try and fail to get to the Army/Navy game in Season Four's "No More Mr. Nice Guy." I still convulse into maniacal laughter when Magnum throws his popcorn bowl in the air after Higgins tells him the score.

Today, I woke up late, drove to Shelton's, read the papers, watched Miami beat New England, put the penultimate punctuation on my plans for the last weekend of the year.

Tonight, I'll enjoy dinner with the Giant Rat of Knoxville, head home, watch "CBS Sunday Morning" and "60 Minutes" and  drift off to dream.

Nice and easy does it, baby, every time. 

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