Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I want to live...

Color me corny, but John Denver has always been a favorite.

I adored his songs in childhood, watching the orange RCA label spin round and around on my record player, singing along to "Annie's Song" and "Take Me Home Country Roads."

He was a gentle soul, humanitarian with a heart, composer of my life's theme song, "Looking For Space." Whether I always agreed with his politics didn't matter. He was sincere, and I admire honesty.

Remember where I was in October 1997 when I learned he died in a plane crash. Shocked. Stunned. Shaken.

His music endures. It's a shame he's ridiculed in some circles, mostly by musical snobs who overlook among other things his skill at songwriting.

Today, I thought of one of his more heartfelt songs, "I Want To Live."

No more hunger, no more killing, no more wasting life away; it is simply an idea, and I know its time has come...

Regardless of one's place on the political spectrum, how can you argue with that lyric?

My wish for you tonight is peace, love, longevity and harmony.

Far out!

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