Sunday, September 18, 2005

Another Sunday coming down

Ahh, Sunday afternoon. The day of many choices.

AFC or NFC. AL or NL. NASCAR or Formula One. Maalox or Phillips MOM.

(Greasy pizza will do that to you.)

At noon, you flip between CBS, FOX and ESPN. When Terry Bradshaw gets obnoxious, quick, flip over to Dan Marino. BORING. OK, there's Michael Irvin.

But, oh, no, there's Chris Berman! Turn it, turn it!

Whew. That was close. Take a few deep breaths.

Now it's 1 p.m. and the Titans are playing the Ravens. But I don't care much for the Titans. Dammit, gotta get that DirecTV. I want to watch the Colts every Sunday.

Oh, yeah, it's mid September. Let's look in on the Braves.

Lulled to sleep by Don Sutton's diarrhea of the mouth, I awaken to learn that the Braves bullpen has imploded. The Mets lead, 4-1. Sigh.

OK, let's look in on the Titans. They are leading Baltimore. Yawn.

Flip to the NASCAR race. Yes! Mark Martin is in the lead. I love that blue Viagra car. That man has self confidence. But he gets passed by Tony Stewart. And by Twinkles Gordon. And half the field.

Stayed up too late last night trying to forget about Tennessee's debacle at The Swamp. Fall back asleep.

Awake again. The Titans have won. The Jets are on. Former Halls guy Chad Pennington's Jets are up, 7-0, over the Miami Dolphins. Rickey Williams doesn't appear to be around. Maybe he's smoking grass in the tunnel.

Now it's time to go meet The Giant Rat of Knoxville for dinner. Great Chinese place down west. The sweet and sour chicken is to die for. Got enough left to eat for lunch tomorrow.

Pull back into the driveway 30 or so minutes before the Kansas City Chiefs are to play in Oakland. Excellent! Good ol' Dick Vermeil.

Quick. Check the ticker. Colts won! Whoo Whoo! Patriots lost! YES! Steelers won! Fantastic. Got just enough time to finish this week's Sports Illustrated before the Chiefs hit the field.

What a Sunday. The sun came up today. Got to see good football for a change.

Suddenly, that loss to the Gators doesn't mean all that much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Brian Hornback said...

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