Monday, June 26, 2006


You know, it's funny the way the Lord works.

It took some wise counsel and an illness to get me here, counsel that, at first, I didn't quite understand. But, after the initial shock and confusion, I let go and took the advice.

And this time alone has given me a chance to spend some time walking with the Lord. He has revealed much to me. He has also shown me that I needed to be patient as well as take time for my body to heal.

There is much still to be done, but I look forward to it. I look forward to this time, to a coming conversation, and to the dawn. I look forward to seeing what tomorrow holds.

But tonight, as the sun sets, I find myself wonderfully, totally wrapped in the will and the arms of my loving God. And here's something I have learned from this time in the wilderness that I want to share with you, my friends.

I think for a long, long time, I have been scared of change. For many years, I looked for people and things that gave me the illusion of continuity --- baseball, for example. John Wayne movies -- rock solid, tough, always standing for what's right. And "Andy Griffith." Dear Andy, always the sheriff of that little town in North Carolina. Always able to give the perfect advice and solve any little problem in 30 minutes.

But guess what? Baseball, in fact, has changed. John Wayne died. Andy Griffith got old and changed his name to "Matlock."

OK, I'm kidding on that last one, but you get the point. The reality is, everything on this earth changes. It's a painful, often confusing, fact of life. Ironically enough, change is the only constant. On this earth.

But there is One who never changes. And in all things -- all things -- we must first look to Him. He is our compass. He is our guide. Jesus -- always and forever -- should pilot your ship. If you let Him guide you, the way may at times be rough and rocky, but He knows what lies ahead. He's also, you see, the lighthouse on the hillside.

God revealed this lesson for me tonight most potently through the words of a song. I'll leave you with them. God bless each and every one of you, my dear friends.

Yesterday things were different
Today they're different again
Jesus will never, ever change
Jesus is always the same

The sparrow will find a new dwelling
The eagle will change his nest
But I'm holding on to the Changeless One
And I'm leaning on his breast

A river will change its course
Mountains may crumble and fall
Time will leave its mark, they say
Upon us, one and all

Yesterday things were different
Today they're different again
Jesus will never, ever change


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