Sunday, July 02, 2006

I Firmly Promise You


We keep them. We break them. We make them. We deny them.

You know what I mean. Others make them to us. Sometimes they keep them. Sometimes they don't.

Sitting here enjoying this beautiful (if a bit hot) Sunday afternoon, I've been thinking about promises. And my hope is that if you don't remember my name or anything else about me, that's not important at all.

But I do hope you remember this promise. Because it's one I intend to keep. Have a great day!

I firmly promise you
That I'll meet you by the river
On the banks of that evergreen shore
Where our hearts will never break
And our lips will never quiver
For the friends that have gone on before

One by one we'll see them cross the silent river
They are leaving every moment or two
So I firmly promise you
That I'll meet you by the river
Won't you promise to meet me, too?


Blogger thinkingasiwrite said...

I love that...been thinking a bit about promises -- or rather, words in general -- myself lately. And you're right. We are human, we are sinful, therefore our words are certainly not going to be anything perfect! They need to be truthful, yes, to the very best of our ability; not ever purposefully empty. But when it gets down to it, like everything else in this life, you can't put your trust in words either. The only sure thing is Jesus. The only true stability. =)

That why I love these lyrics! Jesus promised that this is all going to happen! So we can say, with all the surety that He offers, that we will "meet by the river." What a glorious time that will be. Relationships here on earth can be so precious -- imagine what they will be like in Heaven, with EVERYONE, where nothing ever hinders perfect fellowship.

I can't wait.

2:18 PM  
Blogger ConnieC said...

I asked God to lead me in finding the lyrics to this song. I was searching them out for a dear friend who is in stage 4 of lung cancer. She wants this song to be sung at her funeral. I have asked Jesus to intervene to my Heavenly Father for a healing miracle for her.My husband and I have been witness in out own lives to the Divine Intervention of the GREAT PHYSICIAN. We Glorify HIS NAME. Finding the words to this song will
be such a blessing for her today. I can hardly wait to tell her! I chose to beleive that she will not need the words of this song for her funeral as their isn't going to be one!! Please pray for my friend. God Bless You for CARING.

11:28 AM  

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