Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The best laid plans...

Heard something amusing today.

The Yankees announcers were broadcasting tonight's spring training game on YES. One mentioned that the team is excited about tomorrow's day off.

"It's the only day off during all of spring training."

Day off? Who wants a day off from baseball in Tampa?

Oh, well. Didn't stay with the game long. The Yanks were playing the Phils. Wanted to catch some of Ryan Howard's at bats. But watching Yankees games are best after one of Sarah West's dinners, when Marvin dissects the starting pitcher's tendencies for me. Hope to get to do that soon.

So, I picked up "The Sun Also Rises." A rainy Tuesday night with Hemingway sounded good.

But, oops. Here's a Red Sox documentary on IFC. So that's another couple of hours down the drain.

Eat a quick dinner. Hamburger and chips. Yeah, yeah, I know. Terrible diet for a guy who just passed his fourth kidney stone. Sigh.

OK, time to read. Well, shoot. Here's Kevin Costner's last baseball movie. So, I'll just watch 10 minutes of it. Maybe 20.

Aww, heck. I give up.

I love this game.


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