Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good time Tigers fan's got the blues

"Some gotta win, some gotta lose. Good time Charlie's got the blues." --- Danny O'Keefe, "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues," 1972.

Yeah, yeah. Should be sleeping. Gotta get to the doc by 8:30, then try to work as long as I can later today.

Can't sleep. It just doesn't happen with these stones.

Anyway, turned on the tube tonight in time to see the Tigers blow a 5-2 lead to the hapless Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

I want to blame this on Todd Jones. I call him Cardiac Arrest. If I ever have a heart attack while watching baseball, send my hospital bill to Detroit's closer.

But nah. It isn't all his fault.

The Tigers stranded something like 8 runners. (I'm too tired to look it up.) And my man Curtis Granderson made a truly rotten defensive play late in the game. It swung the momentum decisively toward the Rays.

Give 'em credit. They rode its wave and never looked back.

I like Grandy. He's what you want in an American League leadoff hitter. He plays the field by taking a page ripped from the Thomas Magnum school of defense --- "Sometimes the best defense is a good offense." He's getting a write-in vote from me for this year's All-Star Team.

But, come on, Curtis. Sometimes you just gotta let 'em drop. A single would have been much better than that Rays dude standing on third.

By the way, the Rays' TV play-by-play guy Dewayne Staats drives me nuts. I'll figure out in a day or two who he reminds me of. Makes me wish DirecTV would let ya pick which feed to watch. I miss Mario and Rod.

(Well, I really miss Ernie. But legends only come around once in a lifetime.)

Who's complaining though? I'd let Bob Rathbun come back as long as the Tigers win.

(Did I really just type that? I must be tired.)

Speaking of the Tigers, just in case any of you Knox Vegas Detroit fans are looking in (that's you, Danny Sharp and Grant Rosenberg), check out this fantastic Tigers blog here.

Three weeks worth of stones means no trips to Comerica Park this year. That's OK. Tom Gage, the satellite dish, MLB Radio and blogs like that one will do the trick.

Hey, Jimmy: I love ya, pal, and I know you didn't ask me, but get the bullpen fixed. Now.

We gotta go to Cleveland this weekend and I'm tired of singing that old Danny O'Keefe song after every game.

If the Tigers lose tomorrow, I'm at least digging out Elvis's version, by god.

That's enough. Gotta go to bed. I'm already dreading the sound of the alarm clock.

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