Friday, August 24, 2007

Finding the harmony

I didn't want to be there.

It was Thursday night, it was hot, I had a kidney stone. I wanted to be home in bed. (Actually, I wanted to be in Maryville, listening to RobinElla at the library, but alas...)

Instead, I found myself headed east on Emory Road, back to the office. It's OK. You do what you gotta do.

Larry showed up about 7:30 and Emily pulled out her guitar. She struck a G-chord and off we went.

She's a broken lady/Waiting to be mended...

After a couple of tries, the harmony blended together. It wasn't RobinElla, but my heart soared into the stratosphere.

All I've ever wanted to do is sing.

When I was kid, my peers dreamed of being firefighters, ball players, police officers. I wanted to be a member of the Oak Ridge Boys.

I had it all planned out. The Oaks would pull their big bus up to house and get little six-year-old Jake to join the tour. I would dress like Richard Sterban but sing like William Lee Golden.

Well, that didn't happen. But we did sing one for the Oaks last night.

And the one most requested, by the man she knew as Cowboy, was the late night band addiction at the Y'all Come Back Saloon...

All this singing is a lead up to our appearance at the Halls Has It! Festival tomorrow at 11 a.m. in Black Oak Plaza.

Emily and Larry both played in bands back in the day. Me? Well, I sing in the shower a lot and did have a brief career singing Elvis tunes a decade ago.

We practiced about 45 minutes. I forgot all about the stone as we made the harmony work.

Finally, it was time to get back to our jobs. So we sang one last tune.

Lord help me Jesus, I've wasted it, so help me Jesus, I know what I am...

This is going to be fun.


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