Saturday, October 06, 2007

The old ball game...

They play rap music now at Neyland Stadium.

Is there anything more obnoxious than modern music blared over a bad sound system? Didn't think so.

Otherwise it was a nice return to the big house. New scoreboards. New green grass. And, for once, a little defense to go with the no-huddle aerial attack.

Boy, it was hot. Couldn't wear the big orange suit. Felt like a Labor Day game. Thankfully the sun was to our backs most of the game.

Several nubile Georgia co-eds were dressed in suits and ties and dresses. They looked sharp. Passed a guy wearing orange pants and an orange suit. Wished I'd wore mine.

Ate lunch (well, breakfast actually) at Pete's coffee shop. Then we walked down to the Mast General Store before the game. My dad likes to get over there insanely early, so we had plenty of time to spare.

Haywood Harris stopped me on my way into the stadium. He wanted to know why the Shopper wasn't going to South Knoxville. I told him we were working on it.

The 35-14 thumping of the Bulldogs was a lot of fun. It's nice to go home happy from that place.

Even if we did have to suffer through all that rap.

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Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

'All-Vols' diggin' Rap-Crap at
Neyland Stadium? Oh, well.

I think I'll stay focused on
my weblog! reb

12:32 AM  

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